Why blu

At Blu we are firmly focused on the future. Together we realise the opportunities offered by the global energy transition and the need for supply chain businesses to drive change.

To this end, we will support contractors, operators and our global KAEFER companies by reengineering sustainability through digitalisation.

Working all over
the world

It is our mission to be the most reliable and efficient pro­vider of tech­nical indus­trial ser­vices.









Enabling better
business decisions

Our organisation will adhere to a simple remit: enabling better preventative business decisions. We have the vision to strive ahead with inspiring ideas, whilst capitalising on our KAEFER pedigree, striking a balance between the new and innovative and the established and reliable.

We will develop close partnerships, ensuring our clients benefit from our deep historical insight into pipe / asset integrity and insulation. Never afraid to challenge and think ahead, we will learn from our experience to forge an entirely new and effective way of doing things. This approach will ensure we can continue to attract large energy operators and big industry names.

It will also help us attract those with an entrepreneurial spirit, bringing a diverse, multi-cultural workforce together to make a difference.

In ensuring all of this, blu will become the renowned and preferred international business for inspection, engineering, installation, repair and maintenance of assets. We will continue to lead the market, and by putting our industry knowledge to use, and launching our KIT solution to the global market, blu will be at the forefront of an ever- evolving industry. As a result, we will lead the market in our fully automated, visualised digital space, building on historical strengths and deep and unparalleled knowledge of corrosion under insulation.

Blu will always be a business that is creative, agile and entrepreneurial, determined to finally make Predictive Corrosion Management a reality. With our combined efforts, we can show the world a new, advanced approach to CUI management, enabling a more sustainable industry.

Only look back when
it can take you forward